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SAMSKARA's bold idea is to combine visionary art of Android Jones with India's ancient Vedic wisdom to re-examine the inner world of consciousness, offering a unique journey through the self and the cosmos.

SAMSKARA multimedia art exhibition is the greatest sanctuary for getting out of your head and realizing the universe around you.
Samskara exhibition features
Samskara is a massive project inspired by the amazing digital artwork of Android Jones and created in collaboration with the 360ART, and
Fulldome show
Take a captivating journey through surrealistic words created by the Artist.
Microdose VR
Create virtual masterpieces inside Microdose VR stations that combine art, music, and dance into a real-time virtual reality gaming experience.
Visual projection
Relax at the lounge zone with the breathtaking views on the 20 meter screen.
Events and live performances
Live concerts, performances, costume and dancing shows, parties and discos will entertain you throughout the exhibition.
Mapped sculptures
Projection onto 3D surfaces creates animated digital sculptures. Colors can fade and shift, changing the mood, and objects can morph from one form to another making digital sculptures alive, and even interactive.
Past Venues and Festivals
The Team teachable
The Team teachable
The Team teachable
Wisdome La, Los Angeles, USA:
November 2018 - February 2020
Samskara, Moscow, Russia:
December 2017 - April 2019
Samskara, Kyiv, Ukraine:
February 2019 - February 2020
  • I saw a little bit of it before, googling it, but being here and seeing it in person, it is nothing like you can imagine. It is pretty incredible.
    Eric Bingemann
  • I think if you have any creative bone in your body, it will light that on fire. It is the human experience beyond the human eye.
    Shane Weafer
  • I just think it is a place where you can go and let your imagination go wild. You can experience art and culture in a different way that you haven't been able to before.
    Jennifer Frederick
  • This is definetely for everyone. This is an open call for everybody, but you definetely will feel something special if you're on that path of self-discovery, of mind expanding.
    Denis de Souza
Try Samskara AR App for iOS
We created an augmented reality app to experience it at the Samskara exhibition. Unique art animation transfers flat images into immersive multi-dimensional art experience.
2. Point your phone at artworks below
3. See incredible transformations
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Prints, apparel, accessories, tapestries, face coverings, and so much more.
Samskara soundtrack
Listen to Samskara soundtracks on any possible music streaming services, including Spotify, Apple iTunes, Pandora, Shazam, Google Music Store, Amazon Music, and more.

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