A JonesAndrew “Android” Jones is one of the world’s leading digital fantasy artists. His style is self described as “electro-mineralism” and his subjects are often on a spiritual or shamanistic in nature.

Andrew was born and raised in Boulder, Colorado. His artist parents encouraged him to pursue his own art. He attended the Ringling School of Art and Design, graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Computer Animation. He followed this up with further study at the Boulder Academy of Fine Art and even spent time at medical school, performing dissections to beter understand anatomy for use in his art.

After his studies Andrew worked at George Lucas’ Industrial Light and Magic and then as a Concept Artist at Nintendo. He was Creative Director of Massive Black, an outsourcing studio for the entertainment and advertising industry and co-founded ConceprtArt.org, a non-profit on-line community where artists meet, learn and critique each other.

“I have seen things in this life that I am incapable of translating into words. In my practice I have visited realms where the imagination ends, and the terrifying beauty of infinity unfolds over and over again.” Android Jones




Samskara is a modern digital art projects which is totally new, a trend of immersive art what we call a digital environment. It’s a beautiful combination of artwork, the artist’s imagination, digital technology and projection technology, with panoramic mapping protection, fulldome and VR oculus projection. It’s also includes other modern art such as digital 3d printing, sculptures and painting digital artworks, composing materials like gold, silver and other composing material given in an amazing way to light up art.

So it’s a combination  between digital technology and modern design. It’s an absolutely unique approach and of course the spiritual meaning of Samskara is a journey beyond the mind and imagination which is limited to mundane experience. We go to the new level of consciousness almost like yogis. When we can see an experience things in existence are beyond ourselves and this world. — Why? Because we not really worth who we are, so being spiritual beings, we need spiritual food for ours souls, our consciousness.

So Samskara is not religious but, it’s an absolutely spiritual experience of a new type which provides somebody with an opportunity to be. Where a lot of powerful images and symbols are beyond self-judgments – this is what it’s all about.

So at the same time there’s a very powerful spiritual message built in, from another point it gives the ability to interpret this art in the way that is close to you.

That what we loved about Samskara it’s open to interpretation so we had numbers of people who are «buddhist», «atheist», «materialists», «Christians», «Hindu» – everyone of them had their own totally different interpretation. It appeals to everyone at. So the great part of Samskara is that it’s open to interpretation. Of course with someone like Andrew Jones, a great vision artist who has the internal feelings of the world, the universe, consciousness, colors and forms, a person who probably realizes this project’s present potential

So we know that Andrew is a great visionary artist and has a lot of subjective feelings, and subjective experience himself and that is a very interesting point because we want to see reality in the eyes of somebody who has deep vision or more fine vision. It’s doesn’t limit us to be able to see, it’s a helping us to see – this person is pointing to our attention particular subjects and feelings and things. So this is a great part of Samsara as well.

It’s absolutely spiritual, a non-religious experience, that’s why we use figure and symbols from different cultures and political symbols as well but it speaks for itself, that’s why we love Samsara.