Panoramic Projection

paniramicWith panoramic projection screens art doesn’t need to hang on the wall — it can fill the wall. Use dynamic digital art to bring detail to the viewers attention, show different perspectives and shift colors or create atmosphere for a central work.

Digital artwork opens up possibilities for exhibiting on a scale not possible or practical with conventional artwork. Vast panoramas can be created using multiple projectors so that an entire wall becomes the artists canvas. Artwork dissolves from one piece to the next in front of the audience. Still works can be animated from the subtlety of a occasionally blinking eye to the drama of an entire work morphing into a new creation.

Huge screen sizes are achieved by seamlessly blending multiple projections and at high resolution too. In Samskara, visitors to the exhibition are absorbed by Android Jones’ animated and surreal fantasy world.

“The medium I enjoy most is the digital medium and I consider that the medium of light and energy because I am actually fabricating images that can be produced on a three dimensional or tangible level with electricity and I think that is the the most exciting medium to use.”