KIEV 13.12.2015

Android Jones is the brightest star in digital art community. An artist-visioner, “digital alchemist”. One of those, who proved that digital art – is the high art. He was beginning his career with George Lucas, today works with many world famous labels, musicians and world festivals. He is considered to be one of the inspirers of the AVATAR movie.

Android Jones – is the most popular contemporary artist, permanent participant of the world festivals of visual art and electronic music, author of the famous visual performances, guru of digital painting and media art. Part of the project is specialy created on the basis of the drawings of Android Jones fulldom show, giving the feeling of full immersion into visual reality of the artist, thanks to the fulldom unique technology.

The SAMSKARA project – is a novel universe of famous visual characters of Android Jones. Art-prints of digital paintings of the artist, video installations, video-mapping, dynamic sculptures, music, written specially for the project will lead you through the other visual Universe. Art will be the one and only stimulator of the conciousness. Android Jones, as an art-shaman, will show you the outflow. PURE counciousness outflow beyond the mind borders.

«I saw things in this life, that I can’t describe with words. I’ve been to places, where imagination ends and terrifying beauty of the infinity reveals again and again… This is the mystery I intend to unravel before my life ends.”

Android Jones

This television releases about exhibition with Android Jones interview from HD Fashion channel.