Fulldome Show

FDshowAs a new media format, fulldome theater provides a multitude of possibilities for art and creative people. The dome screen is used as a canvas to surround and immerse the audience in the artwork.

No longer constrained by a traditional frame or screen, artwork can fully engage the audience, capture the people’s attention, promote better understanding of the content and even awaken deeper feelings.

Digital exhibits are animated and presented in fulldome format, so that the visitors are led from one art work to another, from smaller elements to prominent new imagery.

Professional surround sound completes the experience of total immersion. Fulldome.pro has made this technology affordable and mobile so that it is available artists to bring their works to the public at festivals and other temporary installations.

“You know, in the past everyone’s been able to view the different paintings but with the fulldome its like the first time, it’s almost as if the people can now travel inside the paintings.”